Where UNBELIEVABLE and FUNNY meet in an unforgettable magical experience!


Virtual interactive entertainment for your team’s online meetings, conferences, & events


Tailored options for your next event

Alan can customize the show to highlight your companies product, message, bullet points or brand, using his “Mental Magic” as a visual delivery tool to create maximum impact for your clients, employees or conference.

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Alan Chamo

I have 30 years of entertaining diverse and unique audiences from all over the world.

Using a mix of comedy and magic, I have been able to motivate and inspire people from all over the world in English and Spanish and continue to do so even during the ongoing pandemic through engaging online shows and with my weekly Happy Hour variety show.

Shortly after COVID-19 lockdown and over $100k worth of bookings canceled, I saw it as an opportunity to shift and adapt my performances to the virtual world over Zoom and multiple online platforms.

I'm proud to be considered one of the pioneers in the field of virtual entertainment, from client appreciation events, employee team-building, and corporate meetings.

"I'm now getting ready for the next chapter;
Hybrid entertainment!"

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Alan will light a spark in your team by sharing some of his own personal experiences of overcoming obstacles. From convincing the Israeli defense forces to hire a full-time magician, to the challenge of going from live stages to virtual shows during quarantine and never looking back.

Happy Hour

Take a break and enjoy a live variety show full of Magic, Music, Comedy, and more. Plus learn how to make a unique drink at home


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Happy Hour
Take a break and enjoy a live variety show full of magic, music, comedy, and more. Every week we feature a special guest.
The M1ND H4CK3R Experience
Alan will light a spark in your team by sharing some of his own personal experiences of overcoming obstacles. From convincing the Israeli defense forces to hire a full-time magician, to the challenge of going from live stages to virtual shows during quarantine and never looking back.
Alan called the keynote sessions a “Talk Show” because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a show that delivers information in a fun and inspiring way.

Show Options


Virtual Team Building

For small/medium organizations

Up to 100 Attendees
Up to 60 minutes program
One customization included
Dedicated ZOOM Director & Producer

Conferences & Meetings

Keynote or Breakout sessions

Option for 100, 500 or 1000 Attendees
Up to 60 minutes program
Customization as required
Program can be broken into short breakout sessions

Holiday Parties

Hosting and entertaining

Up to 500 Attendees
Up to 75 minutes program
Hosting & Awards presentation
Optional Break out rooms entertainment
Mixologist included


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Virtual event promo

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Some interaction from Holiday party

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Customized Team Building Event

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Influencing Minds


"Alan was absolutely phenomenal! He kept the crowd mesmerized the entire show"

Kane Anderson – Capital Advisors, L.P.

Kane Anderson – Capital Advisors, L.P.


""Mind Hacker" Alan Chamo won over a New Times Skeptic"

Miami New Times

Miami New Times

August, 2017

"He will blow your mind."

The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald

August, 2017

"This guy, aka The Mind Hacker, is good at picking brains and mining your thoughts. Call it ESP. Intuition. Whatever he does, he does it well."



August, 2017

"We recently hired Alan Chamo to entertain a group of our 25 top clients from the top luxury travel agencies in the world. Within a few minutes, he had the entire room engaged. It was pleasant to see him go from small group to small group doing fantastic magic and the thrill on our client's face was priceless."



April, 2018

"While our firm families are separated, we are trying a variety of fun activities to keep people connected. We recently welcomed Alan Chamo into a virtual family gathering to perform his magic and mentalist show. It was a tremendous success. Firm members and their kids really enjoyed his energy and amazing showmanship. His personality showed through, even over Zoom. Our firm families had an excellent time and felt engaged and appreciated."

Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs

Joseph L. Saka | CEO

August, 2020

"We used Alan for our Executive Advisory Board meeting that usually meets once a year in person. Alan was a great opening for our meeting and got our board members engaged and had a lot of fun in a virtual environment. Alan was great with our clients and the feedback was all excellent. Highly recommend him for any event and we look forward to using him again."

ELM Solutions Wolters Kluwer

Karen McCracken Senior Manager, Global Client Experience

September, 2020

"Hi Alan, I want to thank you for an amazing session today. I enjoyed watching how you incorporated key messages of the day throughout the demonstration, and how you engaged the audience not just on video but through chat. During your performance, I received a text from Bill saying, “He’s stealing the show!!!” – but you already knew that ‘cuz you read his mind. "

ANA (Association of National Advertisers)

Sonia David Senior Director, ANA Business Marketing Practice

November, 2020

"You were fantastic, and I already told my office about you. Will keep you in mind for any client events we plan!"


Katrina Perez - associate vice president

February, 2019


Can you believe we’re already starting March?😱Almost a year after everything changed⬅️

I think it’s important for us to remember that since the beginning we set ourselves the goal to adapt to this new era and with that we focused our mindset to find the meaning of each and every situation that came with the quarantine😁In my case I stopped traveling so much and started performing online for people all over the world🌍

Once we realize that we can start enjoying the start of a new reality, we start to go with the flow of things and everything starts getting so much more interesting✅


12 1

Mica loves cupcakes🧁She was really proud of making this one☝🏻

Hope you guys had a nice sunday😁

Mica ama los cupcakes🧁Estaba muy orgullosa de hacer este☝🏻

Espero que hayan tenido un buen domingo😁


25 2

This is how one of our HAPPY HOURS went!🍹We had a wonderful time and completely for FREE😱

Don't miss the next one, we'll have our incredible piano artist @pianolasvegas and special guest and comedian @comedystuntshow 🎹


Así fue uno de nuestros HAPPY HOURS!🍹Pasamos un rato genial y completamente GRATIS😱

No te pierdas el siguiente, tendremos a nuestro pianista increíble @pianolasvegas y el invitado especial y comediante @comedystuntshow 🎹



24 3

#TBT Remembering the day I became american🇺🇸

Seems like it was yesterday but actually this happened 10 years ago😱For those who don't know, I was born in Argentina, grew up in Israel and, I've been living in the states for 22 years😁

I’m happy to call this home and proud to be an American💪🏼I've met incredible friends and had the opportunity to do amazing things and this is the place where I’m rasing a happy family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧❤️

Whats your story?


28 3

It's my pleasure to announce the next edition of my WEEKLY VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR at no cost😱Every WEDNESDAY at 7:00pm EST🥳

✨Take a break and enjoy a live variety show full of Magic, Music, Comedy, and more.😄 👍🏼

🎹 Amazing show pianist @pianolasvegas
✋Our special guest, awesome comedy stuntman Matt Baker @comedystuntshow

👆The link to register is on my description📲We'll be waiting for you next week🤩


18 1

Solving a Rubik's Cube has never been so easy😱

Did you like this illusion?🤪If you did, don't forget to follow me on TikTok @alanchamo to see more videos like this🤩

Resolver un Rubik's Cube nunca fue tan fácil😱

Te gustó esta ilusión?🤪Si fue así, no olvides seguirme en TikTok @alanchamo para ver más videos como este🤩


42 2

Life may be filled with puzzles that makes us question our capability of solving them🧩But we always need to keep in mind that as difficult as the situation may look like, we can and we will always find a solution to it✅

Nothing’s impossible, some things take more time than others but it’s all part of the process☝🏻Believe it and you’ll find yourself achieving things you thought you couldn’t🤩

La vida puede estar llena de acertijos que nos hacen cuestionar nuestra capacidad para resolverlos🧩Pero siempre debemos tener en cuenta que, por más difícil que parezca la situación, siempre podremos encontrarle una solución✅

Nada es imposible, algunas cosas toman más tiempo que otras, pero todo es parte del proceso☝🏻Créelo y te verás logrando cosas que jamás pensaste que harías🤩


17 4

Happy friday everyone🥳Here's a small recap of a virtual show I performed for my friends of the Oklahoma Aggregates Association🙌🏼

If you want me to host any of your online events, feel free to contact me through the link in my bio📲Also you can join me on my weekly #HappyHours , a one hour show full of magic, music, comedy and more🤩Register for FREE😱

Feliz viernes a todos🥳Este es un pequeño recap de un show virtual que hice con mis amigos de Oklahoma Aggregates Association🙌🏼

Si quieres que sea el anfitrion de cualquiera de tus eventos online, puedes contactarme con el link en mi bio📲También puedes unirte a mis #HappyHours semanales, una hora llena de magia, música, comedia y más🤩Registrate GRATIS😱


16 1

#TBT Remembering some fun and freezing memories exactly 11 years ago🥶🔙Visiting the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina with my good friend and director Ricardo Korda @rkorda 🎥

#TBT Algunos recuerdos divertidos y fríos hace 11 años exactamente🥶🔙Visitando el glaciar Perito Moreno en Argentina con mi buen amigo y director Ricardo Korda🎥


22 3
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